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Trail Adoption


The Trail Adoption Program is an informal agreement whereby individuals, families, civic groups, and local businesses can support their Greenbrier River Trail by assisting State Park staff with routine trail maintenance.

Volunteers can adopt one-mile sections of trail for a period of one year and are asked to work their sections three times each year.

Adopters are asked to help out with tasks such as: trash removal, mowing, brush trimming, removal of fallen branches and rocks, erosion control, painting, and landscaping.


Any individual, group or business can sign up for this one-year commitment. All participants must complete a "Volunteer Agreement" form and a "Trail Adoption Application" form, which is good through December and is renewable each year in January. Children under 12 years of age who volunteer as a group may do so without parents present provided there is a ratio of one adult for every seven children.


Adopters will be listed on this web site and posted on all trail kiosks. We recognize that trail volunteers are generous people and deserve much more recognition than they receive.


Volunteers can select one or more sections of trail one mile in length. The adopter agrees to perform routine maintenance (within his/her ability level) at least three times per year. Adopters are asked to help out with tasks such as:

  • Litter and Trash Removal - State Park staff will remove bagged trash or large waste materials with prior notice if needed.
  • Mowing and Brush Control - Supplemental mowing, weed eating or brush cutting is always welcome. Adopters may help remove multiflora rose and other invasive vegetation from the trail as well as low hanging or protruding tree limbs. Much of this can be done with lopping shears or small pruners that can be carried on a bicycle or in a small backpack. (No herbicides please.)
  • Removing Debris from Trail Surface - This usually includes fallen tree limbs or rocks.
  • Erosion or Trail Surface Repair - Water is the trail's worst enemy. Adopters may help by monitoring runoff, cleaning out culverts or filling potholes. Also, grading or dragging the trail surface is needed from time to time.
  • Work Parties - Organizing work parties that consist of other volunteers, friends, neighbors, and State Park staff is encouraged of each adopter and can be arranged with the trail superintendent


Maintenance requirements vary section to section and will be discussed in detail during site visitation.


Adopters are asked to provide their own tools and supplies for routine maintenance. In case of special projects or large groups, the trail superintendent will loan tools and provide gloves and trash bags.

No volunteer's motor vehicle may be driven on the Greenbrier River Trail unless necessary to respond to a medical emergency.


Fill out the Trail Adoption Application. Adobe Acrobat Reader required to fill in the form and print. For more information, contact the trail superintendent at [email protected] or 1-800-CALL-WVA or (304) 799-7416.









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